Buy Portable Stage Platform for Events

Do you need the right item to make your event a success? Well, a portable stage is an answer. Portable stages come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what you need them for. These stages are often used in church, concerts and fashion shows, as well as assemblies.There are three types of deck surface options: plywood decking, aluminum decking, or carpeted. ​Portable stages may have lighting systems, loading ramps, steps or lighting, as well as safety railings and skirts to prevent anyone from falling.Portable stages are perfect for any event. With one, you’ll be able to offer a unique experience for all of your guests. It’s the greatest method to build excitement and anticipation before the big show begins! Plus, it will provide something amusing for people while they wait their turn on stage. And because this lightweight yet sturdy structure has plenty of storage.

Portable stage for sale

The unique construction design of our stages makes them extremely light and easy to transport. All necessary hardware to construct the stage is included in the kit, including platforms and risers. You can customize them with fixed or adjustable heights, optional guardrails or stage skirting in many colors.We have designed the most customizable, transportable stages on the market today. The kits are ready to use, and we provide all of the materials you’ll need to build your ideal stage, including platforms, risers, and any hardware required.They’re available in a number of different heights, and they can be expanded or reduced while still providing safe passage. They include fixed and adjustable heights, as well as optional guardrails and stage skirting.This stage is constructed of sturdy aluminium with adjustable quick lock handles that stay in place. It protects and stabilizes everyone on the stage, which is critical. It’s also waterproof and long-lasting, so it’ll stand a lot of use. Our stages also allow you to customize your preferred height simply by changing the height options.Our portable stages include the following specs:

Durability and easy to use

Each stage platform features a strong connection to ensure durability and sturdiness. To ensure thoroughness you can select from different surface materials or frame colors.We offer a variety of staging options to suit your needs. It is modular and can be set up to suit your needs. We sell individual components so that you may easily increase or alter the size of your stage when necessary.Portable stages can support up to 156 pounds per square feet of deck surface. Other options that can be included to expand the stage are; Stage Skirts, Stage Guard Rails, Stage Backdrops, Stage Ramps, and etc.The portable stage is simple to put up and take down, so we can store it until it’s time to use it again when the area is free for another activity.

Convenient and lightweight

When the event is finished, our portable stages may be readily stored. When the time comes to pack up and go home, you’ll find that our staging system is truly compact, handy, and easy to store in a limited area. They’re also lightweight, foldable, and simple to set up solo.

Upgradable and expandable

One of the good things about portable stages is that as your needs change, you can customize them to continue accommodating changing production requirements. Platforms and risers are available individually, so you can tailor staging for small or big events no matter what the configuration.


The surface of this stage is the same as the quad ripple except for the bottom of the stage panel, which contains a smooth polyvinyl layer on top to enable it to be double-sided or single. The plywood edges are then primed and sealed with a primer sealer and liquid rubber for additional protection against the elements. It’s resistant to heat, water and fierce wind.

Flexibility and configurations

Portable staging has the perfect solution for small businesses that don’t have the space to keep a traditional stage setup. Our stages can be set up in a variety of ways, including for concerts of all sizes, whether they are indoor or outdoor.

On request, contact us to place your custom portable stage orders from a top manufacturer and supplier of high-quality outdoor portable staging systems. The only objective is to give you the appropriate product. 

Stage Accessories

StepsWe suggest adding steps with portable stages set up on a surface of 8.6 or higher. There are many options for steps, with or without handrails.

Guardrails To prevent accidents, guardrails can be used to protect the floor. If the amount (16 or more) is excessive, children can fall off the stage. We recommend three guardrails for most stage configurations.

➢ Skirts

Skirts are a great choice for a polished look. Skirts are usually worn from all three sides of the stage. A stage skirt can be used if the stage is in the middle of the seating area.

Drum Risers Any band should have a portable stage. Drum risers allow drums to be separated from the ground or walls. This improves drum sound quality. Drum risers have a better sound quality.

Mobile Stage wheels This is a great solution if you need to take the stage down quickly. Instead of dismantling the stage, you can move it around like a mobile unit.

Ramps Platforms with wheelchair-accessible and ground-level access include a ramp. Handicap ramps are designed to help those with mobility impairments, help them to get on and off stages. All handicapped ramps comply with ADA regulations and come standard equipped with handrails.

Seated & Choral risers  To make your point visually richer, add choral risers and seated risers onto your stage. Catwalks are great for fashion shows. The audience may be able see the action from many vantage points, such as seated risers.


Q: How much does a portable stage cost?Because there are numerous different sizes and dimensions for each sort, the cost of a portable stage platform varies considerably. For pricing information or free quotations, go to our website. Q: What are stage platforms made of?Tubular metal frames or timber frames are used to create rigid platforms. Each material has its own set of drawbacks and benefits. 2x4s are very popular building materials. Wood is readily available, inexpensive, and easy to assemble with a wide range of fasteners. Q: Which four types of stages are there?The four main types of stages are:- Found stages.- Proscenium stages.- Thrust stages.- Arena stages.Q: What is the difference between a stage and a platform?The definition for each calla, in turn, refers to a “place within a structure utilized for amusement…” On the other hand, a platform is defined as an area that is “raised above the ground.” Each code definition describes what activities may happen on a platform, such as a theatre in the round. Q: What are stage platforms made of?Frames made of tubular metal, or wood, are used to construct rigid platforms. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. The use of 2x4s is rather common. Wood is readily accessible, inexpensive, and readily available in a variety of forms that can be fastened using a variety of fasteners. Q: What makes the thrust stage unique?On the other hand, the proscenium arch has a greater intimacy between performers and audience than does a thrust. It also retains the use of an understated area. A theatre in the round exposed to the audience on all sides lacks a backstage and entirely depends on entrances from the auditorium or beneath the stage. Q: Why would you want to use a proscenium-stage?The proscenium arch allows a “window” of scenery and performers to be seen around it. The benefit is that everyone in the audience receives a good view. The performers need only focus on one direction rather than constantly moving about the stage to provide a comprehensive perspective. Q: What are the categories of the portable stages?Portable stages are available in various categories, such as Popular among our clients, the non-skid black polyvinyl surface hides scratches from frequent usage. The grey quad ripple non-skid vinyl is identical to the previous one but with a grey colour. It’s an unusual hue for us; it’s becoming increasingly popular.

Carbon Color Carpet: The grey/black colour combination known as carbon is a high-quality carpet that maintains its beauty and shines as brightly as it cleans. It’s not easy to see through or dirt and dust don’t stand out. 4′ x 4′ and smaller sizes are only available for this high-end staging material.Q: What are the Portable Stage’s Accessory Items?A railing and a carpeted 2 or 3 step stair unit are added to complete the staging setup. Stairs Handrails Mobile stage wheels Ramps Stairs Aluminum ladder CarpetQ: What is the portable stage?A portable stage is an ideal present for any occasion or gathering. It may be used for a band concert, choir performance, or theatrical show. Portable stages are available in a variety of sizes and types, depending on your demands. There are a few different sorts of deck surfaces accessible. Q: What is the meaning of the platform stage?A stage extends into the audience’s part of a theatre beyond the proscenium and is frequently occupied by seats facing it on three sides. Q: What are platform stages used for?A typical raised rectangular platform is found at one end of a room. They may have a level floor or a sloping raked floor. The audience sits in rows facing the stage, which is usually on a raised rectangular platform. Platform stages are often utilized in multipurpose halls where theatre is only one of the available activities.