What You Need To Know About Porsche 991 Exhaust System?

Here is a brief overview of Porsche 991 exhaust systems, different metal materials and the benefits of each, fitments and modifications, performance/fuel economy gains, and price levels.

Different materials make a significant difference in price and longevity:

Aluminized Steel – Lowest Cost, Shortest Longevity

If you want a low-cost exhaust system that is light in weight and has improved longevity compared to a stock exhaust, then an aluminized system is to be considered. Weather condition is a big factor in choosing an aluminized steel Porsche exhaust system. If conditions are often wet, then an aluminized system is not going to hold up well over time whereas a stainless steel system will last. One thing to be careful of with an aluminized system is getting scratches on the pipe as it will remove the defensive coating and allow the pipe to start corroding. If kept in good condition an aluminized Porsche 991 exhaust system can last a long time.

Stainless Steel – Highest Cost, Highest Longevity

Exhaust systems made with stainless steel boast the highest quality stainless you can buy. Stainless has the best ability to resist corrosion and rust, and will shine forever! The addition of a higher amount of chromium and nickel added to the steel creates an ability to resist corrosion and scratches. One drawback is very high temperatures can cause a gold tint to appear on the finish over a period. For someone looking for the best possible quality and longevity, the Porsche 911 exhaust system is the hand down the best choice.

Stainless Steel – Mid-Range Cost, High Longevity

Again weather can be a factor in selecting stainless steel Porsche exhaust systems. Although it will greatly outlast aluminized Porsche exhaust systems in harsh, wet weather conditions, it can accumulate light surface rust. Its one drawback a very high temperature can cause a gold tint to appear on the finish over a period?

What will fit?

It is very important to know the fitment specs of a Porsche exhaust system that you are considering to purchase. Many systems are specific to whether the car is two door or 4, manual or automatic transmission, 2 or 4 wheel drive, and on trucks the bed size and cab size. Then you can throw into the mix different exhaust exit locations, single/dual exhaust, etc. and it can be a little confusing. So before purchasing be sure to know all of these details about your vehicle to ensure purchasing the correct exhaust system.

How do aftermarket Porsche exhaust systems benefit over a Stock OEM system?

1. Longevity is greater.

2. Weight is usually lighter

3. Performance gains in horsepower and torque

4. Gains in fuel economy

5. Increases benefits of other vehicle modifications such as aftermarket air intake

6. Performance gains

7. Fuel economy

8. Warranty issues


10. Installation

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