Porsche 911 – The Undeniable Automotive Legend

This Porsche is one of the world’s fastest racing cars. This racing car is based on Porsche’s standard vehicle 911 GT3. Over the years, these vehicles have been modified greatly, but one thing always remains the same: the logo. Even people that cannot read have the ability to recognize this colorful symbol easily.


3.6 liter 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, which at 7 300 yards delivers 420 hp. The maximum torque of 420 Nm is reached at 6 500 rpm. The whole engine is reduced weight and specially manufactured. Max speed is the whole 8 200 rpm.


The power transmission from the engine to the wheels goes through a newly developed six-speed sequential gearbox. Besides reducing the time for changes to prevent the sequential box also handling errors.


The chassis is based on the same technology used in Porsche’s standard trucks, namely the front axle with spring struts and rear multi-link. The GT3 Cup is more optimized for racing. Shock absorbers and mounting of suspension and the rear is taken from GT3 RSR. With anti-roll bars of the type of leaf, and adjustable height, angle the wheels and shock absorbers can be optimized chassis for all types of tracks.


Traditional red 6-piston aluminum calipers front and rear 4-pistons ditto in the back. Discs measuring 380 millimeters front and 350 mm rear, with the help of a slider in the cockpit, the driver can self-refer braking force distribution between front and rear wheel sets. ABS are missing so the cars also will be able to compete in the GT championship, where this is not allowed.


Compared with its predecessor, the new GT3 Cup has 40 percent more downforce. The adjustable rear wing is 60 mm wider and 35mm higher. The body material is adapted for racing and maximum weight reduction.


A racing seat, a fire extinguisher, and a big cage is briefly summarized what you find inside a GT3 Cup. All important information, such as speed, braking force distribution and temperatures, etc., is integrated into the display in front of the driver. The START button is located, as it should be in a Porsche, to the left of the steering wheel.

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