Guide To Create An App By Mobiroller

Here are the nine stages of app development, read them through. If you think it seems overwhelming check out this link How to Create an App for an easier overview and a program that will help you.

How to Create an App?​



Do you have an idea for an app? If so, you need to figure out if it’s good or not, please for your own sake don’t skip this step. You don’t want to be halfway done with your app when you realize that it wasn’t as good as you thought.

Your app should be able to fit into one or more of these five:​

  • Is it funny?
  • Solves a problem?
  • Has a specific niche?
  • Are you improving an app that already exists?


Things you need to start creating apps:

  • Join the Apple Developer Program
  • An iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Things that are good but not required:

  • An Intel-based Mac Computer.
  • iPhone SDK3.

What are you good at?

What is your special skill?

Are you great at programming or an excellent designer, or maybe neither?​


Market Research

Look at all the good and bad apps, and see what you should/shouldn’t do.



Take a piece of paper as big as the screen of an iPhone and see what fits? Where will you put your buttons etc? The most people just shut down and leave the app if they immediately don’t understand what to do, so you need to have a good interface.



If you’re a good designer download iPhone GUI Photoshop template, this will help you a lot during the designing process.

If you’re not a designer you will need to get someone to do that for you, Mobiroller is a good place to look for help.​



This is the same as the design part, if you’re a programmer that knows Objective C good open Xcode and do your thing.

If you don’t know how to program you to need to get one to do that for you, Mobiroller is good for this as well.​


To app store

Submitting your app to Apple App Store can be difficult at first, this is the things you need:

  • Create Certificates.
  • Define App ID’s.
  • Create Distribution Provisioning Profile.
  • Compile the app.
  • Upload to iTunes Connect.


When your app has reached the app store, you should start promoting it. Tell your friends, write blog posts, write at forums etcetera.

​Does all this seem difficult? It doesn’t have to be. Click here to Hire a Pro from